Services & Solutions

Power Management

Power Management utilizes both software and hardware products designed to drive power efficiency as it pertains to workstation usage and all network peripherals. Using analytics to produce quantifiable data, Power Management is an effective way to reduce power usage and drive down cost impacting the entire organization.

Rules Based Printing

Rules Based Printing is a simple set of rules that when deployed can drive significant cost savings through a reduction in paper and supplies used throughout the organization. By using suggestive prompts we have been able to drastically improve the participation from the end users which ultimately drives significant savings.

Device/Software Rationalization

Device Rationalization will use a global blue print of all the printing and the copying devices. With our thorough Discovery Process, we can deliver a current assessment showing all of the systems mapped out and documented, and construct a number of new options offering optimized utilization, and create a surplus of devices to use in place of purchasing new devices in the future.

Software Rationalization evaluates each workstation to determine the optimal image and software inventory. This allows us the find the "Titleware": software that has been installed out of course or habit or job title, but is not used.

Toner/Ink Reduction

Toner/Ink Reduction is a software program designed to reduce the overall usage of toner and ink in printing devices. With a simple interface, the end user will have the ability to control how much toner/ink is used when printing their documents and the organization can utilize enterprise wide standards for additional improvement.

Printer/MFP Maintenance Management

Printer/MFP Maintenance Management is designed to standardize printing costs across the entire organization and create a baseline cost for easy management.

Contract Evaluation

Contract Evaluation service will evaluate all the contracts associated with printing and copying costs looking for ways to optimize utilization and ensure that all contract commitment levels are consistent with actual utilization. We will also use our team of experts to coach the individuals involved to negotiate the best possible pricing and utilize any available buying contracts.

End of Life Solutions

End of Life Solutions is a collection of methods for organizations to use to be responsible stewards to the environment through services to recycle workstations, toner cartridges, and other consumables supplies used throughout the technology department.

Additional Solutions Offered

Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) Phone Systems utilize your current network infrastructure and a computer-based interface to reduce the need for expensive phone handsets, minimize teleco charges, and facilitate disaster recovery capability.

Server Virtualization will eliminate cost by reducing physical servers and eliminate the need for additional power and energy.

Power Filtration is a simple solution that produces significant results. By filtering the power to all of the print and copying devices, you can eliminate power error codes associated with power surges and protect your systems from inconsistent power levels.